Locals like Bruce Zippel support safe exploration of the Bight

November 25, 2019
Bruce Zippel, has farmed oysters in Smoky Bay for over 30 years. He supports responsible, safe oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight.


The relationship between the oyster industry and the Bight’s marine environment is symbiotic. The immediate past chair of Oysters Australia and a past chair of the national and SA aquaculture councils, Bruce backs exploration that meets NOPSEMA and environmental regulations.



“I wouldn’t support anything that had a negative impact on our business or the environment,” he said.


“I think it’s incredibly important for Australia to know whether or not there is a significant oil resource out in the Great Australian Bight – and is important to know if it can be accessed safely.


“If NOPSEMA determine that all of the safety checks are met, that all of the environmental regulations are met, I am quite happy that exploration for oil in the Bight can be done safely without any impact on our industry.”


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